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  • DSC07594 01.jpg,Foto mit Kartons 03.jpg,Flascheverschwommen Keller
  • DSC07594 01.jpg,Foto mit Kartons 03.jpg,Flascheverschwommen Keller
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The wine-growing estate Schüller

The wine-growing estate Schüller is located in Pillersdorf Austria, some kilometres from the centre of the western Weinviertel, Retz. Austria is well-known for its great individuality with its unique grapes varietals, its long history and national traditions.

Our philosophy

Four components are essential for highest possible quality: the soil, the climate, the vines and last but not least the human factors. So we plant out the different sorts of grapes according to their relevant demands and requirements. The different of the soil in our region makes this possible. The human work in our vineyards is fully orientated towards the highest quality of the grapes and is one of the most important things in producing wine. Moreover, we, the wine-growing estate Schüller, combine the old tradition of wine production with the latest knowledge in this sector. That is a high obligation and the topmost quality norm.The climate also supports the specific wines: Warm, sunny summers and long, mild autumn days with cool nights.

The Wines

We never abandoned our dedication to excellence. So we can offer you a wide range of classified wines: Our aromatic whites are fresh and tasty and our big reds are smooth and full bodied.

The various white vines:

Grüner Veltliner
typical for our region (Weinviertel DAC) peppery, fruity and spicy

fine and elegant; fruity

aromatic; charming bouquet with hints of oranges and citrus fruits

elegant with fine citrus nuances

compact; nutty aroma

exotic aroma

Gelber Muskateller
taste like Muskat fruit; fresh with fruity acidity
Our red wines:

Blauer Portugieser
smoothy, fruity and low acidity

Zweigelt Classic
soft tannins and fruity

Zweigelt Exklusiv
full bodied with delicate spice

Zweigelt Barrique
barrel fermented; full bodied and powerful

harmonious and velvety

We hope that you have got some insight into our wine-growing estate. We are glad to invite you to taste our exceptional wines in a nice surrounding. If you need further information do not hesitate to contact us.


The wine-growing estate Schüller